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Who We Are

Current Fire Board Trustees:
Mike Dewood, Jeff Romstadt, Sue Cervantes, Brian Lieberman, Mike Romstadt

Current Public Trustees:
Mike Calabrese, Bob Pawlicki, Al Aspen

Your Trustees are the people who best understand the ups and down, and the legalities and the financial implications of what the Health Plan "can" and "cannot" do. I encourage you to email these people with voting rights to revise policies. A "thank you" for all their work on this unpaid position would certainly be appreciated, too. Read more.


Healthy Living Tip

Dehydrated? Avoid sodas and alcohol. Best ways to rehydrate are water or fruit juice.
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Q & A

What should I have ready when I call the Plan office?

Please have you ID card and any documents regarding the claims or issue you are calling to discuss. More